Our Purpose is to provide prompt financial assistance to the families of Denton Police Officers who die or are injured in the line of duty.

When A Police Officer Or Their Family Is In Need...

money is no substitute for loss, but during that emotional and financial crisis, the knowledge that the community cares is very meaningful and appreciated.

When an emergency or need arises with one of our Denton Police officers, the Denton 100 Club immediately responds to their needs with the help of your donations.


"Serving Those Who Protect Us!"


Funds are made available

To the family of an officer that is killed in the line of duty

When an officer is injured in the line of duty

To supply our officers with needed equipment

To provide the training necessary to keep our officers safe



The Hundred Club operates without a paid staff and has almost no administrative expenses, volunteers do all the work. This means that all of the money that you donate is immediately available for its intended purpose and is not consumed by costly overhead.