Money is no substitute for loss, but during that emotional and financial crisis, knowledge that the community cares is very meaningful.

"The 100 Club has proven to me to be a tremendous resource for the Denton Police Department. It is this kind of support that makes the work of police officers easier. This is the type of organization that clearly deserves community support."

-  Orlando "Hino" Hinojosa
   Community Resource Officer
   Public Information Officer

History of the Denton 100 Club

In 1997 then Denton Police Chief Michael Jez appointed Police Officer Derrick Hartsfield to search out and come up with a support organization for the Denton Police Department. Derrick requested the assistance of local attorney Gregory J. Sawko to help with this task. As a result of their efforts,  THE HUNDRED CLUB OF DENTON, Inc. was formed 
The purpose of the organization was to support the Denton Police Department, its Officers and their families in time of need.  That same purpose exists today. Since inception, The Hundred Club of Denton, Inc. has donated and pledged over $100,000.000 to benefit, support and assist the Denton Police Department, police officers and their families. That support and assistance has been in the form of training, equipment, cash to police officers and their families in need, and in hosting the Annual Police Appreciation Banquet.
The first board of directors consisted of local community leaders, citizens interested in helping the Denton Police Department and police officers.  The Hundred Club of Denton obtained its 501C3 tax exempt entity status that same year. 
Each year during Police Apprecation Week, The Hundred Club of Denton, Inc. hosts the Annual Police Appreciation Banquet. This banquet honors the yearly accomplishments of individual officers and those supporting the officers. At this banquet, the Hundred Club participates in awarding the Denton Police Officer of the Year Award to a deserving officer.  
Our Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of The Hundred Club of Denton, Inc. consists of volunteer citizens, community leaders, and Denton Police Officers.  The following are the 2016 Denton 100 Club Officers:


  • Jayne Howell - President
  • Frank Dudowicz - Vice President
  • Gregory J. Sawko - Treasurer
  • Janie Torres - Secretary
  • Officer Chris Plank - Denton PD Liaison
  • Officer Shane Kizer - Public Relations Chair
  • Jennifer Grellhesl - Membership Chair
  • Larry Parker - Marketing Co-Chair
  • Karen Curtis - Marketing Co-Chair
  • Don Fischer - Website Chair
  • Officer Jay Seiler - Membership
  • Mike Cooper - Marketing Co-Chair